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Rock of Ages - Ms. Heidi Kolb
Phone: 201-265-8661 ext. 3119
NMHS Elective
Period 1 - Band Room Room 227

This course will give the student the opportunity to study popular culture through the prism of Rock and Roll Music.  A study of the origins of Rock music over the decades beginning in the 1950's through today, with a focus on how is it has defined and changed popular culture.  Students will participate in individual, class and group activities that increase awareness and appreciation for the history that has shaped the music of today and beyond.  This will include research, film study, active listening and presentations.

All Student must be using Google Classroom to submit and complete assignments. Please see Ms. Kolb for the class code. 


Wednesday January 27th

- What is your reaction to this video? How are the performers acting? What emotions do you get from the performance? These reflections will be reviewed at the end of the lesson.

January 25th Lesson

Car Culture and Rock and Roll

Unit 1

Lesson 1 - 

How to Study Rock and Roll

Upon completion of this lesson, students will develop frameworks through which they may

  • Use a Listening Template to understand a song
  • Use a Timeline to understand the historical context in which a song was created
  • Understand Rock and Roll as a visual culture
  • Understand Rock and Roll as performance
  • Understand Rock and Roll as a literary form
  • Understand the industry and technology of Rock and Roll

Unit 1

Lesson 2 -

Thematic Lesson: Love Songs


Why is the Pop song such a common medium for expressing feelings about love, and how do individual songs relate to their historical moments?


  • How different perspectives on love can be expressed through lyrics
  • How songwriters use music to enhance or change the meaning of the lyrics
  • That songs reflect their cultural and historical context

Be able to:

  • Develop interpretive skills by analyzing song lyrics
  • Compare and contrast musical performances
  • Identify connections between artistic expression and the broader social and political context in which that expression occurs

Unit 1 - Lesson 3 - The Sounds of Rural Poverty

Unit 1 - Lesson 4

Writing your own blues song!


Tips for creating a hit!

12-Bar Blues Shuffle in C, 96 bpm (Drew's Blues Loops)

World War II and the affect on Music

After studying the affect that World War II had on our music students picked a topic and had to write an educational song pertaining to that topic. Technology used was iMovie and GarageBand to record their music videos. 

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Click HERE for a CD cover template!!